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What makes AQ Physical Therapy Different

AQ Physical Therapy is a private practice created to give you one on one individualized care without distractions. Unfortunately, in the majority of physical therapy facilities, you may see a PT for 10-15 minutes, but then you are set aside to perform exercise either without supervision or under the eyes of a much lesser trained assistant or tech. I view the exercise and retraining of proper movement to be just as important as the manual therapy I perform. You will have my full attention throughout our session in order to gain the most benefit from my specialized experience and training. This attention to detail allows me to accurately identify the tissues involved, the faulty biomechanics, and the daily habits that contribute to your pain. This allows optimal healing and the ability to recover quickly from injury and return to full activity.


Combination of hands on techniques with focused critical thinking and problem solving to best treat the underlying reason for your pain, not just the symptoms


Assessment and modification of daily postures, movements, and habits that contribute to your symptoms


Assessment of mechanics with fitness and sport activities to improve performance and limit injury