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Not only do I share the love of sports, fitness and wellness with my clients, but I can also relate to being a patient myself and understand the path to recovery.” -Ariel

Ariel Quintana grew up in various parts of Colorado and Texas. She competed in basketball, volleyball, track and softball during middle school and high school. She has dual Bachelor degrees in Zoology and Spanish from The University of Texas at Austin and graduated from Texas State University with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy. She continued specialization by completing the Clinical Fellowship Program in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy. She has been an active Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists since 2006 and a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy since 2007. Outside of practicing, Ariel loves to spend time with her husband, Mason, and her sons, Cruz and Nico. She supports Mason in his competitive cycling and enjoys numerous activities including cycling, running, yoga, swimming, rock climbing and travel. She also loves music, reading, basketball, volleyball, and dance.

As I was headed towards applying for medical school in college, I had a significant knee injury while playing basketball and a subsequent surgery. I worked with a fantastic PT that had a remarkable impact on my morale and my return to all activities including sports. This in turn influenced my university studies and career path. Not only do I share the love of sports, fitness and wellness with my clients, but I can also relate to being a patient myself and understand the path to recovery.” -Ariel  


“I’ve been a patient of Ariel’s for many years and trust her when it comes to my body. I recently thought I might need surgery due to low back and hip pain. But after visiting with Ariel, I learned with a few exercises, I’d be able to continuously strengthen the surrounding muscles, which has dramatically decreased pain. It’s been a game changer!” 

– M.E. 

“I started to have hip and low back pain after my son turned 1 from carrying around a heavier kiddo. After the first session with Ariel, I felt SO much relief! She was extremely thorough with our initial appointment to really pinpoint what was causing my pain. She gave me easy exercises to do at home and taught me little things to work on that I might not be noticing, like how I stand. Her attention to detail helped teach me to be more aware so I can be physically prepared for carrying around an even heavier toddler!”

– N.S.

“Ariel has allowed me to continue my active lifestyle because of her patient specific approach and treatment. I have continued to run for over 15 years because of her PT services. She is truly the best physical therapist in Austin!”

– D.G.

Physical therapists are movement specialists

AQPT focuses on improving mechanics and mobility of the body with manual therapy and then retraining movement patterns to maintain proper mechanics and avoid injury and pain. In addition to post-surgical care, techniques include:

Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

Hands on techniques to joints in the spine and extremities to improve available motion in a joint, restore proper mechanics, improve range of motion and decrease pain.  

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Hands on techniques to improve range of motion, release adhesions, reduce tension in muscles, decrease pain and stiffness, improve circulation and promote proper tissue remodeling. 

Muscle Energy Techniques

Gentle, hands on techniques which utilize your own muscles to restore alignment, mobility and reduce pain.

Neuromuscular Re-education

Retraining balance, control and functional movement patterns.

Gait Training

Improving walking or running mechanics.

Unloaded Training

Specific unweighting machines and techniques to reduce
load on injured tissues to allow continued use and activity and to promote tissue healing.

Sport Specific Training

Including running and cycling assessments.

Therapeutic Exercise

Specific, individualized exercises to improve muscle recruitment, muscle balance, and strength.